Thursday, December 8, 2016

Kona Color from Fat Quarter Shop

I tackled another to-do and finally purchased fabrics for two quilts I've been planning.

I need to thank y'all for your advice about selecting Kona colors! I used the Palette Builder at Playcrafts to make mosaics to use as a starting point. I can't say how many email reminders I received that items were left in my cart while I was deciding, lol, but the process took me about a week. Once I got serious with the cart, I set a goal to have the final decisions ready for Black Friday. Sure enough, I received 20% off at Fat Quarter Shop, plus loads of other goodies. We'll save those for a rainy day though, this post is all about the Kona...

First, my Husky palette (University of Washington):
Butterscotch, Bright Periwinkle, Regal, and I picked up four yards of the silver (thanks Libby!). Still need to add some black..

My Mariner's palette! This one was harder and perhaps not finalized.
I like the white better than the silver in this bundle. Otherwise, the two quilts are sharing gray's: Titanium, Graphite, and Steel.
I ordered several blues just to see them before really deciding on Midnight and Nightfall.
Ultramarine is my final 'teal'.

Only three fabrics were culled once I had them in my hands. The blue and yellow uniform, "alt 1", (are they even wearing it I wonder?) A bit of creamed corn might make a good pop, so I will consider it later, but Sunny is not a fit for me.
I really wanted to see Celestial. It is pretty.
The royal there is extra-wide. I was curious if the weight was the same as 44w, and it is..
It will work well with my Sphere leftovers I think..
Two yards of excess is not bad for online shopping I think, but I can see the color card paying for itself if I become a full-on Kona nerd!

I love Fat Quarter Shop, lol, they actually answered their phone the morning of Black Friday and patiently helped me with a gift code. I realized my mistake after we spoke, I was entering incorrectly, but how amazing to have helped me as if nothing was of more importance.

I am off for a bit of ISpy quilting this afternoon, I hope you find some quilty time too@!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

OMG: A Goal for December!

Hello, Hello!
my my my, how time is slipping by, lol.
Don't panic, but yes, we can almost count the hours until the deadline to ship packages for Christmas.

I have kind of stalled here, but with only one day left to link up with One Monthly Goal,
I have finally decided my December goal is within reason and I can put it in writing.
I really want this I-Spy quilt under my friend's tree come Christmas morning. 
The quilting is more than halfway finished, and I need to select/cut/attach binding. At least I already have the label on this time, lol! When I share the finish, I will finally reveal the backing as well!
Elm Street Quilts

So, that is what I am working on, as well as other gifts. We are making jerky this year, and I'll be concocting a few lotions.

I'm a winner? say what?
What a surprise, and a thrill, to win the $25 gift certificate to Fat Quarter Shop last month! They really are my favorite quilt shop and I am so grateful for their ongoing support of the cyber-community. Soon, I will share pictures of the Kona-goodness I selected!
To enter the December drawings, hurry over to Elm Street Quilts to link up with your One Monthly Goal!
I hope to see you there!

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

November Progress: OMG, Oh Scrap, and Quilty365

I have completed my November goal, to finish machine-quilt Panel #12. It brought me through the election, the constitutional block near the bottom-right..
One of these is from the kitchen curtain fabric I used in 1985, lol...
Oh, those Eighties,
Here is my memory still stored on a shelf:
I am still really enjoying the fabric selection process, finding things to represent daily life events.
41 more dots are required to complete my 366 blocks, and I will use those as border blocks. I have about 20 half-assembled, so I am only a bit behind:)

I have stalled completely with the big-stitch quilting though, stuck on Panel #11, right here with RSC-inspired Roses.
The last circle I quilted was here under one of the debate nights,
I have been sewing in short intervals. A little of this, and a little of that. I try to do a couple lines of quilting on my I-Spy quilt each day,
 And I trim a few of these Quilty365 centers now and then:
I do really like having the Martelli cutter, it switches the pressure points being stressed. The clasp is awkward, but I am getting used to it. Also, it is harder to keep clean since the lint gathers under the protective plastic, then suddenly poops a greasy pile on my precious.
I keep a Q-Tip nearby to catch those before they release.

Really, I have to avoid cutting though, and that means I've set aside my Kite Tails blocks. I will make one more soon, but for now all 23 are piled in their box. I have been referring to the project as BYOT; Bring Your Own Toppings.
These are indoor cell-shots, but to give you an idea of the whole!
I snapped a photo of some really good books I have been spending time with lately:
The top book was a gift from my sister a couple years ago, I highly recommend it. It is so informative, and can tell you how to deal with any odd-looking veggie you may be tempted to bring home from market, or new-to-you fruit your neighbor leaves at your doorstep. It seems to cover everything. I recently roasted green chili's, and yellow ones too, for the freezer. Those have prompted me to pull my Sante Fe cookbook.

Last week I made potion lotion, prompted by those two books in the middle.
I didn't have enough almond oil and opted for some olive oil mixed in. The almond oil is less greasy, but olive is good for dry skin and I did not want to use my yummy coconut oil since I am almost out of granola. Next, I selected these three essential oils from their descriptions in the books:
It was all pretty easy to do. I followed directions in the 2nd book, on library loan, to heat the oil, melting the beeswax, then emulsify with water. I really like the lotion, so I thought I would share this!

Thank you for catching up with me today, I am looking forward to seeing what everyone is up to!

Cynthia, at Oh Scrap!
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